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Main contribution: UI/UX

By: Pefeux Gefeux

Team: 13 people

Duration: 8 weeks

Engine: TGE (C++)

Observer and FSM


My main responsibility this project was for the UI/UX system. The first thing I did was an Observer system that would allow us to easily communicate between different parts of the code. I felt this would be nessessary for me to be able to get the information that I wanted and also trigger things in the game when needed. I also create a finite state machine for the UI to use,

Main Menu


To make the main menu more interesting we added a looping video in the background and a vignette to make it more readable. 



In game I added notifications when you were close to something you could pick up or interact with, as well as a progressbar to indicate how far along you were. In addition we had a very simple store in the main hub were you could buy potions and upgrade how many potions you could carry.

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