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Main contribution: Tools and Gameplay

By: Ghost Therapy?

Team: 14 people

Duration: 8 weeks

Engine: TGE (C++)

Editor tool


For this project we decided to do our own in-engine editor, instead of relying on Tiled och Unity that we had previously used. This was quite the task at the time so I teamed up with fellow programmer Oskar to make sure we got it done in a timely manner. It was both challenging and alot of fun to work on. It was a very iterative process and we were quick to get an early basic version out for our leveldesigners to use for blockouts and to give us feedback on features and issues. We used json to save and load the levels to the editor and in game. In the end we had all the basic support you could expect from an editor at this level, such as layers, paintprush for quickly painting large areas, drag and drop, undo/redo etc. All the levels were done in this and it was also used for the final setdressing by the artists. 

Early version of the editor.

Gameplay and effects


Once the editor was in done I went on to work on what ever else was needed. I did most of the player controls and movement as well as all the visual effects implementation in the game.

Hidden objective


I also did a hidden objective system we had in the game. During the playthrough you pass statues that save your progress. But they were destructable and gave a small hint of what could happen if you cantinued to destroy them. If you destroyed them all you got a secret ending cinematic.

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