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Hello there!

How nice of you to drop by. Lets get the past out of the way before we think about the future, shall we?

"As a person I am result oriented and driven by clear goals and freedom in my work. I value and am motivated by a strong team spirit with my colleagues and long-term relationships with our customers and stakeholders, and I take great responsibility for both my own and my companies commitments. I am a responsive and humble team player with great integrity. I also have the ability to see the big picture, to prioritize and work in a structured and analytical way against set targets."

I have had this description of me on LinkedIn for quite some time now. While I admit that it's extremely dry and doesn't really roll of the tongue, I think it describes why I have been successful in my prior line of work. However I also feel like there are parts of me it doesn't cover.


The fact that I am a very creative person with a vivid imagination that enjoys storytelling. That I love logical puzzles and finding solutions to problems. Finally, that I have a huge passion for games


TGA has been an amazing place to start this journey and all these parts of me have been challenged and utilized, but it's only the beginning. I am here now with the hope of finding a place were I can continue to grow and learn and be a part of something truly exciting. 

Recent Experience

2021 -

The Game Assembly

Game Programmer

Participated in eight different game projects in teams consisting of 12 - 20 people. Build our own in-house engine in C++. Numerous different Game programming related courses, including but not limited to:

  • Data structures and Algorithms

  • Linear Algebra

  • Tools Development

  • Scripting, Implementation and Design

  • Network Programming

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Graphics Programming

2020 - 2021


Solution Specialist

Worked as a Solutions Specialist for our ServiceNow platform. A large part of the role was to support the Service Manager in technical matters and to work closely with the AM-team during the development lifecycle. My responsibilities included among other things:

  • Define and analyze functional requirements

  • Assist in gap analysis

  • Lead implementation of new features

  • Create new workflows (mostly in Service Request)

  • Coordinate external and internal resources assigned to the service

  • Lead the Application Management team in the daily work

2016 - 2020


Service Manager

As Service Manager for our ServiceNow platform at Lantmännen I was responsible for the optimization of delivery throughout the life cycle. This included monitoring of performance, long term planning and coordination with suppliers and other IT services as well as to collaborate with stakeholders within Lantmännen IT to determine the strategy and roadmap for my service. My responsibilities included:

  • Maintain service delivery according to agreed service levels and budget​

  • Lifecycle management and total cost of ownership (follow up and optimization​)

  • Ensure that Roadmap and Support Procedure are up to date

  • Coordinate external and internal resources assigned to the service​

  • Lead the Application Management team in the daily work

  • Monitor and forecast resource and competence needed

  • Define and analyze non-functional requirements

  • Proactively seek group synergies and re-use of common platform capabilities

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