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Welcome to my portfolio!


My name is Kevin and I'm a game programmer student at The Game Assembly in Malmö. During my almost two years at the school I have endeavored to try as many different aspects of programming as I can and all of them have been interesting. But some areas have resonated more strongly with me. Below you can read about them, my specialization and the projects I have worked on.



The UI is your window into the games and it can do so much to enchance the experience, but also the opposite if done poorly. I really like working on it because it requries collaboration between many disciplines and it's a very creative process.

AI / Gameplay


This is as close to gaming you get when programming. I enjoy both the system building and the tuning spects of gameplay and AI programming. It's fun to bring the world to life, create personality for enemies or to get that player jump to feel just right.



Making tools is just so satisfying and I feel that I have grown to appreciate it more over time. Taking something complicated and making it easy and accessible is very rewarding. It's also a very iterative and collaborative process which I enjoy.


Dynamic UI


For my specialization project I decided to do a dynamic UI-system together with Kate Ekberg, a Game Art student also at TGA. You can read more about it here:


Game projects


So far I have been involved in making 7 games as a part of my education at The Game Assembly. Group sizes varied from 14 in the beginning up to over 20 in the later projects. Timelines ranged from 6 weeks to 14 weeks at 50%. For me these projects have been the highlight of my time at the school so far. I have learned so much from working together with the other programmers and all the other disciplines. It has been very rewarding to be a part of the entire development cycle of the games and see how it all fits together and how everyone's contributions combine to make something special. From the early brainstorming meetings with all kinds of crazy ideas, to finding a common ground and setting up the goals for the game and then working to see them realized together, sprint by sprint and task by task.

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